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I was asked by Liza Groeneveld of Invest Utrecht to create a design for a unique handout for her. Liza was looking for something playful and creative, which she aims to express through her work. I decided to use the city-arms of Province Utrecht and its lions as an inspiration. We both liked the the idea of Liza as the main character with a young lion friend playing around high up in the sky without fear. The four little cubes in the Invest Utrecht logo I turned into four statues to represent their playing field.








Creating the new logo for Monobanda took some time (almost 2 years on and off). With the redesign we wanted to maintain some old elements, like the organic feel and blue-ish color (for examples see the top ones of the ‘organic logos’ sheet). For a while we played around with the idea of a core floating around in a plant-like shape. Eventually that evolved into a fish creature, but we all thought that that looked a bit too swimming pool :P
We’ve always loved the thought of a little character seedbox that could contain all kinds of cool stuff, so that’s when I started designing different boxes and plants. In between I also came up with an Escher-like puzzle box, but that idea didn’t really hit the mark. The difficult part was to define a nice scale for the box and other elements. You can see I also thought about a cardboard box with a scenic environment. Still, looking at all the sketches and ideas that flowed around, the simple plant-in-a-box never left our minds.
After a lot of tweaking, scaling and molding I created a plant shape I liked that fitted the box. I interpreted the plant in different ways so it turned into a little fish and a question mark (see ‘final logos’ sheet).
We already made a Christmas ornament, butter block and pixel version, so I’m happy to say that the logo inspires us to create new things! :)

“Final logos”

“Final concepts”

“Concepts – boxes”

“Concepts – puzzle”

“Concepts – organic”





All artwork © Monobanda 2012

Working on our real-life sandbox game Mimicry was both a treat and a challenge. Creating textures is different from the 2D work I’m used to. For me it’s something of a mystery what textures will do in a 3D environment. Furthermore the game world is projected on real sand, so it was challenging to find the right colors and trying to get a bright world that feels and looks playful. For our first prototype I believe we achieved just that :)
You can see my happy face on the photo. Playing with sand and seeing the terrain change in real-time is awesome!

“Artist impression”


“Texture concepts”

“Happy photo”

Photography and 3D modeling by Niki Smit.

All artwork © Monobanda 2011

I finally had the chance to do some extensive pixel art for one of our Monobanda projects. I think the last time I pixeled was about eight years ago, so it was really a lot of fun getting back into the zoom-in-mode.
Platform Dropstuff asked us (and other artists) to create a simple mobile app that can be played by logging in to their website and pressing a few buttons while being in a public area in front of a big Urban LED Screen. We created an app in which you can choose an avatar, then write a message (of max 5 letters) and launch yourself into the disco world to dance. The more people log in and launch, the busier and more animated the world gets.
We aimed for a colorful and vibrant design and quirky character animations (created by my colleague Mathijs). Try it out here!




“Some screenshots”

All artwork © Monobanda 2011

Monobanda’s music installation Bandjesland aka Do It Yourself DJ needed a mascot. So I created ‘Teepie’.
The first image shows some Teepie concepts and the final version. The second illustration is used to indicate that you can record your own samples on a cassette tape by placing it on the record symbol in the recording station area.


“Record illustration”

All artwork © Monobanda 2011

A while back I worked on some interface design for two of our projects at Monobanda. One of those projects is Mindset, a brainstorm tool developed by Monobanda and two smart young programmers called Michael & Bert. With this tool you can brainstorm really quick using images from the internet and create associations using words and visuals. The other project is iWhisper, a location based audio experiences app for the iPhone, developed together with Roel van der Kraan.

“iWhisper interface”

“Mindset interface”

“Mindset buttons”

All artwork © Monobanda 2011

The past weeks I’ve been working on our game Bohm at Monobanda. Here are some of the designs I created for the tree leaves.

“Leaves sheet 4”

“Leaves sheet 3”

“Leaves sheet 2”

“Leaves sheet 1”

“Plant illustration”

“Leaves concepts”

“Screenshot with final leaves”

All artwork © Monobanda 2010

Created some logos for two of our Monobanda projects and one for a friend. iWhisper is a location based audio experiences app for the iPhone. The Lowlands 2010 logo was used for Monobanda’s playground competitions. The last one I made for hairdresser Carolien de Buck.
I’m still working on a new Monobanda logo in between work, so keep you posted on that one :)

“iWhisper pictorial marks”

“iWhisper logo”

“Lowlands 2010: Wanna pllay?”

“Buck is back”

“Game Seeds is a card game designed to spice up your brainstorm sessions on Character and Game Design.

Game Seeds are wild free-spirited tiny creatures that you can play with, combine, hack and get inspired by to bring new characters and game ideas to life.
The object of Game Seeds: design a Hero, design a Sidekick and design a Game by playing with a deck of cards.

Game Seeds has been designed by the Utrecht School of the Arts, Monobanda and Metagama for designers, students and creative professionals. Game Seeds is also to be used for workshops on Character Design as a playful experience and a real playcentric approach to creating Innovative Games.”

A project commissioned by the Utrecht School of the Arts: Games & Interaction.
Game design by Christophe Berg of Metagama.
Artwork by Liselore Goedhart of Monobanda.
Concept design actions in collaboration with Niki Smit of Monobanda.

Check out for more information :)

“Final design”

“Final illustrations”

“Icon design”

“Concept art”

“Illustrations: other versions”

“Press photo”

Photography by Niki Smit.

All artwork © Monobanda 2010

A preview of the design for a card game for the Utrecht School of the Arts.
Project in collaboration with Christophe Berg of Metagama.

All artwork © Monobanda 2010