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Seeing the announcement and new trailer of The Last Guardian made me so happy that I wanted to create my own version of the two endearing characters.
So here is my homage to a guardian and its friend.



“Close up”



An homage to Mega Man. Inspired by this song by Chipzel and Manami Matsumae :)

“Menacing Wonders”


“Mega Girl”


“Robot structures”




Ryan Clark of Brace Yourself Games asked me to make promo art for the fun rogue-like rhythm game Crypt of the Necrodancer. The game is out now on Steam!

“Cadence & Stone Golem”


“Necrodancer Sketches”




Vlambeer asked me a while back to create a piece to celebrate their 2.5 year existence. It has been almost 4 years now, so I think it’s more than time to say: congrats JW and Rami (and everyone who worked with them) for inspiring so many developers and for being awesome!
Can you discover all their games? ;)



“Close up”


“Concept sketches”


My submission for the Game Icons: Luigi book by Game Paused. I’m very happy to say it will be featured in the book :)



Pre-order here!

Here’s my submission for Segazine! I always wanted to make a cute Sonic, so the Segazine was just the right reason to create him and his buddy Tails :) This song was in my head while making this!

“Way back”






Unfortunately I wasn’t able to submit during the awesome Sworcery A/V Jam from May 11th – 13th initiated by Superbrothers and Capy. However I couldn’t resist making something inspired by their beautiful game.

You can find all the contributions (ranging from illustrations to music to prose) over here.

“Looking Glass”


WALL·E is one of my favorite Pixar movies. The first half hour is so pure and beautiful, I still get goosebumps watching it :) I love the subtle humor and fun interactions, especially between WALL·E and the cleaning robot M-O. I imagined them to be like an old couple with a childish but sweet demented little man (Wally) and his short grumpy bickering ol’ lady (Moe). So I decided to make them real and share them with you!

“Wally & Moe”

Simogo is a game studio based in Sweden. They created the awesome games Kosmo Spin and Bumpy Road for the iPhone. I had the privilege to try out a test version of Bumpy Road and fell in love with their quirky and cute character style, sounds and storytelling. They inspired me to make my first ever fan art :)

“Simogo fan art”