I participated in Super Game Jam last May together with the awesome Tom Francis who made Gunpoint and is now working on Heat Signature. It was a very fun and unforgettable experience! In 48 hours we created SimAntics, a two-player competitive anteater simulator.

Super Game Jam is a documentary series about making video games in 48 hours by filmmakers Bram Ruiter and Daniel Oliveira Carneiro and is published by Devolver Digital. The final episode featuring Tom and me is now available on Steam together with the first four episodes and games. You can watch the trailer here! And here you can read Tom’s postmortem.

SimAntics was selected as a Bonus Game at Fantastic Arcade 2014 and was playable at the Open Arcade at Gamecity 2014.



“Concept illustration”




“Playtest screen”


“Tom & Lizzy”