Just a small update to let you know what I’ve been up to. I want to show a sneak peak of concept art and illustrations I’ve worked on. Within a few weeks I can post a whole lot of extra stuff as well, so keep watching this space ;)

First up, Remembering, a poetic exploration game driven by sound. This was a collaborative passion project of sound studio SonicPicnic and Monobanda. Our goals were to explore the possibilities of sound and to create an experience that will lead players to the far corners of their mind. We decided early on that we wanted to include visuals to help guide players and to not leave them completely in the dark. We wanted to create the right atmosphere and a sense of depth while using as few elements as possible. So I started out with designing all kinds of shapes, researching colors and creating mood boards, all to find out what would work. The following illustration is a combination of some of these shapes and colors.



Second, Nott Won’t Sleep, an iPad game for toddlers created by Monobanda and commissioned by Developlay. The game revolves around a little girl who doesn’t want to go to bed, because first she wants to say goodbye to the moon, to wish her animal friends goodnight and to find her cuddly toy Nox. I was art director and lead artist for this project. The game will be launched very soon!

“Nott in her treehouse”


PS I made this avatar for my friend Ted Martens as a birthday present, he then made these for me in return :) He and Ken Kopecky created the awesome art tool Hexels!