Creating the new logo for Monobanda took some time (almost 2 years on and off). With the redesign we wanted to maintain some old elements, like the organic feel and blue-ish color (for examples see the top ones of the ‘organic logos’ sheet). For a while we played around with the idea of a core floating around in a plant-like shape. Eventually that evolved into a fish creature, but we all thought that that looked a bit too swimming pool :P
We’ve always loved the thought of a little character seedbox that could contain all kinds of cool stuff, so that’s when I started designing different boxes and plants. In between I also came up with an Escher-like puzzle box, but that idea didn’t really hit the mark. The difficult part was to define a nice scale for the box and other elements. You can see I also thought about a cardboard box with a scenic environment. Still, looking at all the sketches and ideas that flowed around, the simple plant-in-a-box never left our minds.
After a lot of tweaking, scaling and molding I created a plant shape I liked that fitted the box. I interpreted the plant in different ways so it turned into a little fish and a question mark (see ‘final logos’ sheet).
We already made a Christmas ornament, butter block and pixel version, so I’m happy to say that the logo inspires us to create new things! :)

“Final logos”

“Final concepts”

“Concepts – boxes”

“Concepts – puzzle”

“Concepts – organic”





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