I finally had the chance to do some extensive pixel art for one of our Monobanda projects. I think the last time I pixeled was about eight years ago, so it was really a lot of fun getting back into the zoom-in-mode.
Platform Dropstuff asked us (and other artists) to create a simple mobile app that can be played by logging in to their website and pressing a few buttons while being in a public area in front of a big Urban LED Screen. We created an app in which you can choose an avatar, then write a message (of max 5 letters) and launch yourself into the disco world to dance. The more people log in and launch, the busier and more animated the world gets.
We aimed for a colorful and vibrant design and quirky character animations (created by my colleague Mathijs). Try it out here!




“Some screenshots”

All artwork © Monobanda 2011