“Game Seeds is a card game designed to spice up your brainstorm sessions on Character and Game Design.

Game Seeds are wild free-spirited tiny creatures that you can play with, combine, hack and get inspired by to bring new characters and game ideas to life.
The object of Game Seeds: design a Hero, design a Sidekick and design a Game by playing with a deck of cards.

Game Seeds has been designed by the Utrecht School of the Arts, Monobanda and Metagama for designers, students and creative professionals. Game Seeds is also to be used for workshops on Character Design as a playful experience and a real playcentric approach to creating Innovative Games.”

A project commissioned by the Utrecht School of the Arts: Games & Interaction.
Game design by Christophe Berg of Metagama.
Artwork by Liselore Goedhart of Monobanda.
Concept design actions in collaboration with Niki Smit of Monobanda.

Check out www.gameseeds.net for more information :)

“Final design”

“Final illustrations”

“Icon design”

“Concept art”

“Illustrations: other versions”

“Press photo”

Photography by Niki Smit.

All artwork © Monobanda 2010