It’s been a while since I posted anything on my blog, because I’ve been very busy with finishing my graduation project “Fonn”. Wednesday the 24th of June I did my exam and graduated! The two weeks before my exam were very hectic, nerve wrecking and demanding, but also unforgettable and worthwhile. It was a good thing I could show and set up my installation at the NLGD (Nederlandse Gamedagen) Project Fair in the Centraal Museum Chapel in Utrecht, the 19th of June, because that day I had the chance to see everything in action and discover the response from the user(s) to the interaction and gameplay. Although it took about 4 hours to set up the result was very satisfying and I was really proud of myself and all the people who helped me. The location was beautiful as you can see on the picture below.

“NLGD Project Fair”

The DVTG Graduation Expo was at Huis aan de Werf in Utrecht, 24 and 25 June, also a great location. There were a lot visitors and it was nice to see the reaction of family and friends. Suddenly I could see and especially comprehend what I had created the last five months. I’m glad some people were smart enough to take pictures, because I was walking around with a big haze before my eyes :P

“Graduation Expo”

Final artwork:

“Templates pieces of scenery”


“Final design”


Unfortunately, “Loper” (the robomos tripod on the right) didn’t make it to the final animations and installation, but he is still visible in the artwork. The characters “Klimmer” and “Wachter” also didn’t make it. Due to pressure of time I decided to focus mainly on the character “Zwever”.

Here is a short outline of my project:

“Place the pieces of scenery on the table and interact with the habitat of the creature “Zwever”. The wind of change is an unpredictable and intangible element and plays an important part in Fonn. Discover how the wind influences the world of “Zwever”.”

In short, the idea is to discover the meaning of the pieces of scenery and use a piece at the right moment to create life and maintain it. You have to pay attention to the real wind that is blowing from the wind fans at the left and right side of the table. The wind coming from these fans is totally random, it influences the digital world and you have no control over it. That is also the theme of my project: the wind of change. It will come and go, but you can’t control it, although many people try to.

Of course there was a lot of technology involved, for instance the use of a DV camera, video projector and MacBook, the connection from the PC fans to an Arduino and Flash and the object tracking of the reacTIVision fiducial symbols to Flash.

My special thanks go out to Erik Sluiters & Arne Boon for helping me with all the programming and hardware stuff ;)

For more questions about this project you can always contact me.